Saturday, February 18, 2017

Day 3: From Be'er Ora to the entrance to Timna - Tuesday 14th February

I again woke up early (5:45), ready for a slightly easier day. After breakfast and coffee I set off back towards the Israel trail. Today I did basically this segment (in reverse):

The start of the walk is not so amazing - next to a garbage dump and a quarry, but after a while I made it to the lake at Timna, where I rewarded myself with an icecream. From there, the walk took me across the Timna park, climbing one of the table mountains. It was quite a challenge getting up there with the heavy backpack on, although I was more tense on the the way down. After that, I thought that it would be a quick walk out of the park, but it ended up taking quite a long time. At one dry waterfall I lowered my bag down first, it then toppled over, falling further and landing on the top of the bag with a thud. Unfortunately I left my kindle in the top of the bag - I immediately opened it to find it broken. I made it to the new visitor's center a few minutes before 1500 (when it closes), it time to get a coffee and a chocolate bar. After turning on my phone, I found out that I needed to cut short my trip and head back home, so I walked to the main road (90), about 3km away, and got a bus to Be'er Sheva, then the train home. Photos from the day:

Tea and icecream at Timna park lake

The lake at Timna park

A group of Ibex also doing the Israel trail . . . 

On top of the table mountain

Climbing these mountains (Milhan) is next!

Just before discovering the broken kindle . . .

Yes, there is drinking water at the entrance to the park (next to the new visitor's center). I left a note attached with a band-aid on the tap for the group of walkers from Ranana so they would know where I was! They did find it.

This is where the Israel trail continues, and I stopped (for now)

Next to Eliphaz I saw signs about the Israel bike trail - also sounds great!

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