Saturday, February 18, 2017

Day 2: From Har Yo'ash to Be'er Ora - Monday 13th February

I set off early again on the second day - I realised that I had a lot of walking in front of me.

I did these two segments (in the opposite direction):

and indeed, it was a long, long day. The day started off quite challenging. After heading from the campsite along road 12 back to the trail,  I soon got to Ein Netafim. There was no way to get down to the spring with my (giant) backpack on, and I had to lower my backpack, and then myself.

There were some great views back to Eilat throughout the day. I made it to the Shoret canyon at around 11:30, and was briefly pleased with myself for getting there so fast, until I looked at how much more I still had to walk to finish the day! After the canyon, there was a lot of climbing (Maale amram), but with some amazing views. After descending a little, there was a (very) long stretch along a wide dry river. I was pressed for time so kept my breaks to a minimum, and left the trail to get to Be'er Ora just as the sun was setting. I spent the night at Tamar b'midbar in Be'er Ora. I was quite exhausted, but had a nice warm shower and stocked up on supplies at the shop. A group of hikers from Ranana that I saw also the day before also spent the night there. Photos from the day:

Back onto the Israel trail

Time for a snack!

One of the amazing rock formations

Time for lunch (Osem meals - just add water)

Can just see the red sea in the distance

This looks like it is ready to fall . . .

The trees were flowering

While walking in the dry river in the afternoon, I saw a group of ibexs munching away

Sleeping arrangement for the night at Tamar B'midbar

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